Repairs are carried out in our purpose-built workshop specially equipped for

electronic device repairs

Almost any electronic device can be repaired much cheaper than replacing it.

With over 30 years of experience working with electronics and in the electronics industry our repair technician has the knowledge and skills that only experience can provide.

We will only use 100% genuine or 100% OEM parts or top-quality parts if OEM parts are not available. We offer a warranty for most of our repair work.

Some things can’t be warranted due to degradation over time Eg Batteries.

Laptop and PC Repair's 

We don’t just offer mobile phone repairs, pc repairs. We specialise in any kind of electronic device repairs including printed circuit board repairs, electronic toy repairs, car electronics repaired, control panels, sound and audio equipment, tools and machinery repaired if electronic failure is the fault. We repair most makes of mobile phone and nearly all makes of computer’s and on top of this we repair vehicle electronics and modules from the brains of your car.

Laptop repairs EDR & MSPC Repairs recycle unwanted electronic devices too.

Car electronics repair 

ECU repairs, Infotainment repairs, S A M units repaired, LED light repairs, Sat-Nav repairs, Car stereo repairs, Dashboard repairs,

Instrument cluster repairs, OBD2 code reading, Almost any vehicle electronics can be serviced or repaired.

The average price for code reading at a local garage is about £50 and this is just for telling you what is wrong with your car not for fixing it. Most mechanics don’t carry out electronic repairs opting for a complete unit replacement instead at a huge unnecessary cost. We can read the fault code and tell you what needs fixing for less than half this price at about £20

Most computer devices can be fixed cheaper than replacing them.

Windows upgrades, Operating system upgrades. (Own licence required)

Cooling system repairs and modifications.

Charging port repaired or replaced.

Overheating problems rectified.

Hardware repair or replace.

LCD screen replacements.

Other software problems.
mobile phone repairs.
circuit board repairs.

Keyboard replacements.

Battery replacements.

Plastic housing parts replaced.

Motherboard repaired or replaced.

Hard drive upgrades. Solid state hard drive upgrades. (SSD)

Hard drive errors. Data recovery lost or deleted files recovered.

RAM upgrades. Starting problems, blue screen of death, stuck on start-up screen.

…And lots more repaired or replaced and fixed for far less than buying a new device…

EDR & MSPC Repairs recycle unwanted electronic devices too.

EDR & MSPC Repairs want to repair rather than replace

Helping to reduce the amount of electronic waste causing untold problems worldwide. Including chemicals from leaking batteries and components entering the eco-system, Children cutting hands and feet to shreds searching through the dump for possible useful parts, and plastics entering our oceans. We offer responsible recycling service for many small electronic devices where they will be either reused for donor parts or responsibly recycled properly rather than just dumped on the mountain you see growing in the image on the left. So for your mobile phone repairs or circuit board repairs and for your PC repairs give us a call.
Doing this has added benefits too see below.

saves you money.
helps stop planet destruction.
stops children getting hurt.